Rob Gronkowski Plans to Defend the WWE 24/7 Championship While Playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Even though Rob Gronkowski is back in the NFL as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it doesn't sound like he is giving up the WWE 24/7 Championship anytime soon. Hours after the news broke that he'd be returning to professional football, WWE released a statement regarding his status with the company that read, ""Congratulations to Rob Gronkowski, the current WWE 24/7 Champion, on his return to football. Per the rules of the 24/7 title, Gronk must defend his championship at all times in any location. He could be celebrating a touchdown pass from #TomBrady...anytime, anywhere."

In a video uploaded by the Buccaneers on Wednesday night, Gronkowski addressed the fact that he still holds the title (now going on 28 days) and wants to hang onto it through the 2020 NFL season.

"We need a lot of security," Gronkowski said. "We need security everywhere. Every tunnel, every entrance. Everywhere in the stadium because I'm the 24/7 WWE title belt champion right now, of the world. Everyone is coming for me. My friends are coming for me and it's special right now to have it during this quarantine time because no one can find me. No one gets me. So I'm the champ for a while."


Gronkowski won the championship at WrestleMania 36 by jumping off the announcer's platform onto a crowd of wrestlers and pinning his real-life friend Mojo Rawley. Both Rawley and 35-time champion R-Truth have teased stealing back the championship soon.

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio reported on Wednesday afternoon that Gronkowski is done with wrestling, at least for the time being. The standard contract NFL players sign would also prevent him from taking part in matches, but he might have some wiggle room if all he's doing is getting rolled up for pinfall attempts.