Latest Details on Roman Reigns' Reported New Faction

By the end of last week's SmackDown, Jey Uso had made it abundantly clear that he had accepted Roman Reigns as the "head of the table" in the Anoa'i Family and followed his orders to decimate Daniel Bryan followed a Survivor Series qualifying match. Reports of both Uso brothers aligning themselves with Reigns have been popping up for months, even if that seemed impossible based on what they'd been doing to each other on television since Clash of Champions.'s Paul Davis arrived with a new report on Sunday to give more information on WWE's plans.

Following Jey's turn, both of the Usos will eventually fall in line and side with Reigns. Davis reported the two will start dressing like Reigns and operate under a new entrance theme (which Reigns confirmed was on its way several months back)

"This story is meant to elevate Roman but also to bring Jimmy and Jey up to the next level as well," Davis' source said.

Vince McMahon is reportedly fully supporting Reigns' storyline, which is mapped out for months down the road. It's also mentioned that once Jimmy is healed from his injury the Usos will chase after the SmackDown Tag Team Championships again.

Reigns talked about launching a possible Samoan-themed stable on SmackDown while in a Zoom chat with Mania Club back in late September

"I think we've all had those thoughts and it makes so much sense," Reigns said. "But I think Samoa Joe was the one who said it, especially where we are with as far as the climate, with everything going on socially and equality I don't think we want to do it just based on the fact that we are all Samoan... Being able to translate that properly to where it's not offensive to ourselves or our audience."


"It's hard because we would be so dominant, you know what I mean," he continued, adding that the group would dominate Retribution. "We would dominate for how long a full year and I think you have to do that. That's kinda where I am right now within my whole character, you have to be able to display that dominance to create that moment to where it's like enough is enough who is going to be the guy to knock these powerful group or person off that pedestal? Knocks us off that mountain."

Reigns is currently booked to face WWE Champion Randy Orton in a Champion vs. Champion match at Survivor Series on Nov. 22. Jey will take part in the Survivor Series elimination tag match as a member of Team SmackDown.