Roman Reigns Reveals When He Wants to Retire From WWE

Heading into WrestleMania 37, Roman Reigns is already a five-time world champion, a Grand Slam Champion and a four-time WrestleMania main eventer. But if you think "The Tribal Chief" is ready to hang up his boots anytime soon, think again. Reigns was speaking with PEOPLE Magazine this week regarding his new training program Y3T (Yoda 3 Training), which was introduced to him by bodybuilder Neil Hill. Reigns said when he first met Hill that he wanted to be able to keep wrestling for another 15 years.

"I told Neil when we first met over a year ago, that I want to grind it out for the next 15 years," Reigns said. "I want to maximize my potential for the next 15 years. And I told him, 'This is who I am, as a performer, as a talent, but I also am a father, I'm a husband. I wear all these different hats.' And man, we've been on an unbelievable journey thus far."

"The Head of the Table" will be competing against both Daniel Bryan and Edge in the main event of Night Two of WrestleMania. In a separate interview with CBS Sports, he talked about how all three men nearly had their careers robbed from them due to health issues.

"To be honest, I don't think I've ever really focused on it," Reigns said. "I think that's just due to the experience. I think where we can all be connected and you can parallel all of our mindset is that we are all thankful for today and the opportunity that comes with today. I think in all of our own ways, we've experienced that feeling when it's not there. We've all woken up and the show went on without us. While we haven't all sat down and talked about it, there's a weird connection and chemistry. I'm not sure if they feel the same way or have experienced the same thing, but I can feel that through them. I can feel that gratitude, that gratefulness of having the opportunity to wake up and do what we love outside of our families and our children and our wives. We all deeply appreciate the opportunity to have the health to wake up and be physical beings, to be athletes, to be storytellers. There's not a form of entertainment like we do where you exercise every sense, every emotion, everything from the feel, touch, smell -- everything is a part of our show. That's where we are deeply connected."