Brock Lesnar's Latest WWE Championship Reign Tied a Career-Worst Record

Brock Lesnar's latest WWE Universal Championship reign has tied a career worst record for the long time WWE Superstar. Lesnar has been the center of attention ever since he made his return during WWE SummerSlam last year, and there has been a wonder over what the major plans are for him heading into the next WrestleMania season. With both Lesnar and Reigns' paths taking a major detour following the Day 1 pay-per-view event earlier this year, Lesnar surprisingly walked out as the WWE Universal Champion. But that reign didn't last very long at all in the grand scheme of his career overall. 

After winning the WWE Championship from Big E during the Day 1 pay-per-view event, Lesnar entered his sixth run as the WWE Champion. Lasting from January 1st until January 29th at the Royal Rumble, Lesnar ultimately lost to Bobby Lashley (thanks to some key interference from Roman Reigns) and has tied his career worst reign at 28 days. The last time this happened was during his third reign as WWE Universal Champion back in 2019 after being defeated by Seth Rollins. 

During the 2022 Royal Rumble pay-per-view, the referee ended up being caught in the chaos of the match between Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. Lesnar seemed poised to win as Lashley was too exhausted to take the victory, but utilizing the referee's absence was Reigns who had decided to jump into the match and attack Lesnar. This ultimately ended with Paul Heyman turning on Lesnar and helping Roman interfere with the match and thus opened the door for Lashley to get a pin and take the victory. 

Now the path to WrestleMania is just a bit more clear as the title-less, free agent Brock Lesnar now has even more of a bone to pick with Reigns than before. There is also still the Men's Rumble match left to go in the current pay-per-view and that would be the quickest route to getting Lesnar back up to the title picture. As for the rumble, The full card and results for the 2022 Royal Rumble breaks down as such:

  • WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns def. Seth Rollins
  • WWE Championship: Bobby Lashley def. Brock Lesnar
  • Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch def. Doudrop
  • Men's Royal Rumble
  • Women's Royal Rumble – Ronda Rousey Wins
  • Edge and Beth Phoenix vs. The Miz and Maryse

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