Seth Rollins Blasts WWE for How They Handled the Hell in a Cell Fan Backlash

Seth Rollins will challenge Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank on Sunday night, marking the first time he's been back in Raw's world championship picture since dropping the Universal Championship to "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt at Crown Jewel last October. At the time Rollins had seen fan support evaporate during his babyface run, most of which could be attributed to the hated Hell in a Cell Match he had with Wyatt at the pay-per-view of the same name. For those who don't remember (or chose to forget), Rollins handed The Fiend his first loss by hitting him with an assortment of weapons while Wyatt no-sold most of the attacks. The match was then thrown out when Rollins broke out a sledgehammer, causing the referee to call for a "No Contest."

In an interview with TalkSport heading into Sunday's match, Rollins said WWE used him as a scapegoat when fans booed that match out of the building.

"At the end of the day, there's no real nice way to put it, I was dead in the water after Hell in a Cell," Rollins said. "And a lot of that was nothing that I could control. I was left out there as a bit of a scapegoat in that situation and there was nothing I could do about it, but I was the one that had to face the scrutiny. And no one really cared about me at that point in time, or about how I was feeling or about what really went into that moment, that night and everything that went along with it."

"No one cared about Seth Rollins and how it affected me or how involved I was in any shape or form," he continued. "So, the writing was on the wall at that point. It was time to hunker down and make some changes, and some of those are tough lessons to learn. But, that's what happened and here we are. There's no point lamenting the past, it's time to move on, move into the future and figure out what you're gonna do about it, ya know? What can you control."

If Rollins wins on Sunday, it will mark his first time with the WWE Championship since briefly winning it from Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank 2016. Moments after his victory Dean Ambrose (now Jon Moxley) cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to win the title.