WWE SmackDown: Alexa Bliss Continues To Transform Via The Fiend

The transformation of Alexa Bliss continued during WWE SmackDown on Friday night. Bliss was in the midst of wrestling Lacey Evans in a competitive match when the Fiend's laughter came on halfway through the match. Bliss looked distracted but kept onw restling. Then, after Bliss dodged a moonsault from Evans, the Fiend's screeching music came on as the lights dimmed and the arena glowed in red.

At that point, Bliss transformed and got a mean look on her face. Bliss then went after Evans as the annoucners talked about her being "wacked out." In a ruthless way, Bliss attacked Evans, stomping on her neck, until she was disqualified by the referee. Then, Bliss took Evans to the outside and hit the Sister Abigail on her.


The Fiend then came on the loud speaker with a loud "Let Me In!" as Bliss smiled demonically. She walked off as Roman Reigns' theme song came on and Reigns made his way out for the main event segment. After Bliss walked past Reigns in a trance, she stopped at the top of the ramp and stared back at Reigns, with the announcers talking about how Reigns took the Universal Championship from Wyatt, with that being likely what was on her mind.