Alexa Bliss Hits the Sister Abigail on Nikki Cross on WWE SmackDown

Coming into WWE SmackDown we knew Alexa Bliss would be in action in a No. 1 contenders match against Lacey Evans, Tamina, and her best friend Nikki Cross, but we didn't expect how things ended up playing out. Bliss would come out to aid Cross after getting attacked by Bayley before the match started, but despite the friendship, Bliss wasn't playing around after the match started, and she surprised everyone when she knocked Cross out by hitting her with a Sister Abigail.

This was yet another hint at her ties to The Fiend, as that is Bray Wyatt's trademark move. She's been linked to Wyatt and Sister Abigail ever since the Swamp Match between Wyatt and Braun Strowman, and since then there have more and more clues about her ties to Wyatt.

Fans saw Rambling Rabbit make a quick appearance last week, watching from afar, and then her personality has also shifted a bit, as she recently went off on Cross and shattered her mug. Then her hair featured a braid that was very reminiscent of Wyatt and Fiend, which combined with the staring into far off space all the time suggests she is definitely different since encountering The Fiend.

She would end up leaving tonight's match suddenly, staring off into space as she went down the ramp. We don't know what happened to her, but hopefully, we find out soon.

You can find the official description of tonight's SmackDown below.

Bayley will address her heinous attack on Sasha Banks, Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles will battle for the Intercontinental Championship, Bray Wyatt will unveil a new "Firefly Funhouse" creation, and more.

Here's what is on deck tonight:

Intercontinental Championship Match: Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles

Bray Wyatt unveils new creation on Firefly Fun House


Bayley addresses Sasha Banks attack

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