WWE's Bayley Challenges Sasha Banks to Championship Match on SmackDown

The new SmackDown Women's Champion Sasha Banks came out to the ring with her title around her waist and the chair with the X from Hell in a Cell (which was the chair Bayley beat Banks with before). She then said, " you know what they say, don't talk the talk unless you can walk the walk." She then told Bayley she did what she said she would do in taking Bayley's title. "In a way Bayley I have to thank you for stabbing me in the back because you finally ended an era. You were my best friend. We were supposed to take over the whole damn company together. I thought you were my sister, but when you took this damn chair and tried to end my career, I realized it wasn't our friendship that was unstoppable, it was me."

I am the leader, the standard, the blueprint, and I am the boss of Friday night and your new SmackDown Women's Champion And Bayley now that you're in my past, at Survivor Series I go one on one with Asuka, and Asuka, there's no doubt in my mind that I'm the best of the best.

That' when Bayley came out and told them to turn off the music idiots. "I want you to think about that last statement that you just said. Everyone knows you can win a championship, but you can't hang onto one, except for me."

She then said Sasha took her chair and then said she was parading around in the ring with her Championship. She brought up that Sasha forced her to sign that contract under duress. She then said she was going to do her a favor, and that everyone knew Sasha couldn't beat Asuka without Bayley in her corner and then challenged her to a match for the Championship on next week's SmackDown.

Sasha accepted the match and said "I hope that you bring all that you've got because backstabbing bitches never win."

Here's the description for tonight's episode.

After Jey Uso was forced to say “I quit” in order to save his brother Jimmy on Sunday at WWE Hell in a Cell, what will happen next between him and his cousin Universal Champion Roman Reigns? Will Jey finally pay the consequences for losing to Reigns? And how will he do in his attempt to qualify for the SmackDown Survivor Series team against Daniel Bryan, Find out tonight at 8/7 C on FOX.

Here's what's on deck:

Jey Uso learns of the consequences of losing to Roman Reigns

Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso (Survivor Series Qualifying Match)


Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler (Survivor Series Qualifying Match)

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