WWE's Big E Makes Miz Tap in Big Solo Win on SmackDown

Last week it was revealed that Kofi Kingston was going to be out of action for a bit due to injury, and with Woods also recovering, that leaves Big E to carry the torch for The New Day. That's why Kofi told Big E it was his time to get some time in the spotlight on his own, and tonight's SmackDown featured the first of many solo matches. Big E kicked off his solo run against The Miz, and it was apparent from the getgo that he was going to have some fun with this. After rolling down the entrance ramp, the two locked horns in the ring, and it was actually pretty evenly matched until Miz decided to slap Big E. That's when things fell apart for Miz.

After the slap Big E went at Miz with a vengeance, running him into the announce table and then the pylon. Morrison helped turn the tide though by doing this amazing parkour-esque flip kick off the steel steps, which knocked Big E to the floor and gave Miz an opening to knock him down once more. E would counter, but Miz was able to evade him and dish out counter of his own, sending Big E back to the floor.

Miz locked in a hold and tried to put E to sleep, but Big E knocked him off for a minute after running him into the turnbuckle. Miz countered with a huge kick but couldn't lock in the pin.

Miz was in control at this point, but Big E rallied with three Belly to Belly suplexes in a row. With Miz downed Big E hit the ropes and delivered a splash right to the chest, but Miz countered. He wasn't able to deliver though, and the two traded counters until Miz finally won out with the DDT. After trying for the pin though, Big E kicked out.

Miz then dished out a salvo of kicks to E's chest, but he then caught Miz. Miz got the upper hand again after getting him pinned in the corner and going for his legs and then dishing out several running knees. That last running knee was caught by E though, and Miz was slammed to the ground.

A spear ended up getting countered by Miz, and then when the ref wasn't looking Morrison kicked Big E in the head. Big E kicked out of that pin, but then Miz locked in a Figure Four, but E grabbed the rope and made him release it. Miz then kept going for E's knee and legs, and then when the ref turned around Morrison tried to attack E again, but he was caught this time and thrown out of the arena.

That finally evened the odds for E, who rolled up Miz but didn't get the pin. He then lifted Miz off the ground and locked in a submission, and that's when he got the tap out from Miz and the win.

You can find the official description for tonight's SmackDown below.

AJ Styles and Gran Metalik will meet for the Intercontinental Title, Bayley and Nikki Cross will battle in a SmackDown Women's Championship rematch and more.

Here's what is going down on SmackDown tonight:

AJ Styles vs Gran Metalik

Baron Corbin vs Drew Gulak

Bayley vs Nikki Cross (Women's Championship Match)

Otis and Mandy Return


Naomi vs Lacey Evans

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