WWE SmackDown: Jeff Hardy Becomes Brother Nero to Delete Sheamus in Barfight

After weeks of taunting, urine tests, and ambushes, Jeff Hardy finally got his chance for revenge on Sheamus on tonight's SmackDown, and it was all set to take place in a Bar Fight Match. Before the big event, WWE got everyone up to speed on what Sheamus has put Hardy through since he returned from injury, and Hardy was out to make an example of Sheamus and show him how he has overcome his past issues and struggles. A lot of liquor got thrown around throughout the match and it wasn't pretty, but by the end of the match, it was Jeff Hardy who stood tall, though perhaps not in the way you might expect.

Sheamus entered the bar first and grabbed a drink while the referee sat at the bar, but before he could take a sip Hardy arrived and took at seat at the bar as well. He poured himself some tea and told Sheamus how he was connected to everything. Sheamus then said he was the bar, and that's when Hardy threw a cup of tea in his face.

He then beat down Sheamus on the stool, but Sheamus managed to get up and throw Hardy on the bar, then ran him through the glasses on his back, which look like it hurt.

Sheamus went to get a drink but Hardy dove off the bar and tackled him, followed by Sheamus running him into a wall. Hardy responded by throwing basketballs at him and then running him into a hallway.

Sheamus hit Hardy with Kegs and pinned him against the wall with one. The would end up in the bathroom, where Sheamus put Hardy's head into a urinal and flushed. He then put Hardy's face in front of a mirror and told him he was a junkie, but Hardy countered and sent Sheamus crashing through a stall, and he landed in a toilet.

Sheamus was upset and looking for Hardy, and Hardy managed to sneak up on him, ambushing him with a ladder and smashing him several times. After a bad dive Sheamus caught him and rammed him into the brick wall, though his swing of a guitar missed and he ended up hurting himself.

Hardy took advantage, but Sheamus countered and sent Hardy crashing through the drum set. When we return from commercial Sheamus has been run through the tables and chairs, but he is able to keep hitting Hardy, though Hardy counters and sends him to the floor.

Hardy then set up a ladder and positioned Sheamus underneath, but the bartender starts punching Hardy out of nowhere, and Hardy sends him crashing through a table.

That leaves him open to an attack from Sheamus, who breaks a chair over Hardy's back. Sheamus then puts a hat over Hardy's face and says sweet dreams fella as he goes behind the be to grab himself a drink.

We then see Hardy's body not move much for a bit, but when Sheamus calls for the referee we see Hardy's face covered in face paint suddenly, transforming him into Brother Nero and he starts punching Sheamus with big hits, followed by bashing a bottle over his head. He then climbs the ladder and flips and lands on Sheamus, and the ref then counts to 3 to give him the pin and the win.

Afterwards we see Hardy's eyes go from white back to normal, and he walks out of the bar.

You can find the official description for tonight's SmackDown below.

"Jeff Hardy and Sheamus will take escalate their rivalry in a Bar Fight and much more."

Here's what is on deck for tonight's SmackDown:

Miz TV with Naomi

Bayley and Sasha Banks address the WWE Universe


Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus in a Bar Fight

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