WWE SmackDown: Kevin Owens Destroys Roman Reigns To Close Show

After last week's swerve that revealed Kevin Owens would replace Adam Pearce in his match with Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble, we actually got to see the previously advertised bout this week on SmackDown. Adam Pearce was scheduled to take on Paul Heyman in the main event of the show, but Heyman came out acting like he was injured. Copying what Pearce did last week to get out of the Rumble match, Heyman got on the microphone and reminded Pearce "card subject to change."

Reigns' music then hit and the Universal Champion came out. The two worked a brief match. Pearce got a couple right hands in, but he really only aggrivated the champ and received more punishment. They fought on the outside and up toward the entrance ramp when a man in a hoodie (imagine that) attacked Reigns.

That man turned out to be Kevin Owens, whom had been banned from the building on Friday night as revealed in an interview segment with him earlier in the night. Owens worked over Reigns as Heyman bailed on the champion in horror.


The show ended with Owens hitting a pop-up powerbomb on Reigns through the announce table. He continued to scream at Heyman from a distance as the show went off the air.