WWE SmackDown: The Miz and John Morrison Make Braun Strowman's Life 'A Living Hell'

With WWE Backlash scheduled to feature Universal Champion Braun Strowman defending the title against John Morrison and The Miz in a handicap match, they ramped up the build for the match during SmackDown by way of some juvenile pranks. Miz and Morrison were shown in an unmarked white van in the parking lot, complete with FBI level video surveillance technology. From here, they watched Strowman and initiated their pranks.

When Strowman arrived at the arena driving his vintage car, the duo watched him enter the Performance Center. As he went to drink a shake in the cafeteria, the drink exploded all over him as Morrison and Miz uttered the line "get these hands, more like was these hands!"


The next prank featured Strowman backstage with Kayla Braxton. Miz and Morrison pressed a button to drop green sludge everywhere, but it missed Strowman and went all over Braxton who was none too pleased. Strowman also revealed in this segment that he knew it was Miz and Morrison pulling the pranks on him, though he was evidently none too concerned yet. I'm sure there will be a follow-up for that later in the show.


They weren't done yet, though, as Miz and Morrison made their way toward Braun's classic car in the parking lot and proceeded to destroy the windshield with some golf club shots.

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