WWE Fans Think SmackDown Mystery Woman Is Carmella

Last night's episode of SmackDown featured some big matchups and some interesting developments across the board, but it also featured yet another vignette featuring the mystery woman that was also teased on last week's episode. We still didn't get a name to go with the vignette, but we did see more of her this time, including one sequence of her facing a mirror, and that's actually the point of the sequence that led some fans to deduce the identity of the mystery person. Many fans are sold that the mystery woman is, in fact, Carmella, who has been off television for a while, and it all comes down to a tattoo.

At one point we see the woman looking into the mirror as she gets dressed, and during one point you can see a tattoo on her left arm. Once fans noticed the tattoo they got to work looking for a match, and as you can see below, Carmella has one just like it and in the same place, making it a pretty sure bet that she is the mystery woman.

Even without the tattoo, you can see the similarities between Carmella and the mystery woman, and it doesn't hurt that the furs shown in one of the videos is quite similar to some of her looks in NXT when she was still working with Enzo and Cass. The fact that she's been off WWE television for a bit only furthers this theory, as it would be time for a new gimmick or repackaging as it were, especially since she is coming to the high profile SmackDown.

We'll have to wait and see if this is who it is, as other possibilities include Chelsea Green. With the mounting evidence though it seems Carmella is the safe bet, and if that is the case, it will be great to have Carmella back in the mix.


When she stopped appearing on TV it seemed WWE was a bit lost with what to do with the character, especially after her successful run with R-Truth and the 24-7 title. Those two were great together, but once they sort of went their separate ways Carmella wasn't doing much of anything, and she's too good just to be wandering around WWE aimlessly. Hopefully, they can find a great feud for her and showcase her properly when she returns.

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