WWE SmackDown: Retribution Attacks, Vandalizes Backstage at the Performance Center

WWE continued to play up the chaotic appearance of the group known as Retribution during SmackDown on FOX Friday night. After a brief appearance at the start of the show where they ran out and interrupted the Big E vs. John Morrison match. After the brief attack, they vanished out of the Performance Center but there were still power blips throughout the show. They ventually held the Big E vs. Morrison match again later in the broadcast, the final match that aired on the show.

When the two men came out again, the entire SmackDown locker room surrounded the ring to wait for an attack. Instead, Retribution was shown backstage attacking officials and destroying the backstage area. By the time the wrestlers at ringside were made aware, they raced to the back to find Retribution had left.

Check out some clips below.


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