WWE's Daniel Bryan Will Be Banished From SmackDown if Loses Match with Roman Reigns

Cesaro kicked off SmackDown by issuing a challenge to Roman Reigns, though he had some help from Daniel Bryan. Seth Rollins and Jey Uso ended up coming out to take part in a tag match with Cesaro and Bryan, but Cesaro and Bryan were victorious, and after their big win they came out to close the show with another call out to Reigns, and Bryan was clearly having quite a bit of fun taking shots at the Head of the Table. Cesaro threw in some great jabs as well, and they managed to get Reigns out to the ring, though they did not expect his response.

After Bryan and Cesaro delivered more jabs at Reigns, the Universal Champion finally came out to the ring with Jey Uso and Paul Heyman by his side. Reigns was clearly annoyed, and before addressing their challenge went through his normal shtick, saying that they don't get to make the challenges around here, he does.

After that was settled, Reigns then said he was going to issue a challenge of his own, but not to Cesaro. Instead, he offered it to Bryan, saying he is giving him one more shot at the title. Bryan didn't say anything, and Cesaro gave him the microphone and said he had to do it, and that he could do it.

Reigns then said he had something else to go with it. He is going to give Bryan one more title shot, but if Bryan loses, he doesn't want to see him around anymore. That means he doesn't want to see him around SmackDown as a whole, not just around him, so if Bryan loses he is effectively banished from SmackDown moving forward.

Bryan took a second but not too long because with a determined expression he said "I accept".

The match will take place on next week's SmackDown, and could shake up the current landscape quite a bit.

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