WWE SmackDown: Sasha Banks Ambushed by Carmella During Asuka Survivor Series Confrontation

Sasha Banks was in the ring tonight on SmackDown ahead of her Survivor Series match against Asuka, and Asuka joined her with Michael Cole. The Champion vs Champion match was the topic of the discussion, though as Cole tried to recap what Banks did to Bayley Asuka cut him off. She said Banks wasn't the boss of her, and then Banks got things back on track. Cole then brought up SummerSlam where she lost to Asuka, and noted that Asuka has been the Champion ever since. Asuka had some fun with it and poked fun at Banks, but Banks said she won't be laughing after Survivor Series.

They sparred a bit more and then Sasha said they didn't have to wait until Survivor Series to battle, but then Banks was ambushed from behind by Carmella, who took her out from the knee and then started attacking her. She would then drag her over to the turnbuckle and head to the outside.

On the apron she then superkicked Sasha right in the head, followed by some taunts of "I told you to watch your back", and "boss time is over". Meanwhile, Asuka just watched it all happen and didn't do anything, which kind of makes sense. It's not like she was going to help her opponent a few days ahead of their match, and Carmella was quite happy with herself after the beatdown.

You can find the official description for tonight's episode below.

After reclaiming the WWE Championship from Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre is traveling back to SmackDown for a Survivor Series Contract Signing with Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Plus Daniel Bryan returns for retribution of Jey Uso. Don't miss SmackDown, tonight at 8/7C on FOX.

Here's what's on the card tonight:

WWE Champion vs Universal Champion Survivor Series Contract Signing

Seth Rollins vs Buddy Murphy


Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso

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