WWE Survivor Series WarGames: Major Spoiler on Potential Return

WWE closes out the 2022 pay-per-view schedule with Survivor Series WarGames this Sunday in Boston. The lineup for the Men's WarGames match has already been determined, while there's still one spot left in the Women's WarGames match on Bianca Belair's team. There's been plenty of speculation over who that fifth woman might be, with many holding out hope that Sasha Banks or Naomi might finally return to the roster. But Fightful Select's Sean Ross Sapp dropped a new report on Monday pointing toward another former women's champion — Becky Lynch

Lynch went down with a separated shoulder in her match with Belair at SummerSlam but turned babyface just before an attack from Damage CTRL wrote her off television. She recently returned to TV in a cameo role on the season premiere of Young Rock and according to Sapp, she's expected to be back in action "soon" after her recovery timetable required she'd stay out of the ring until at least October.

"In addition, Fightful Select was told that Lynch was discussed and planned as the fifth partner in the Survivor Series WarGames match that has been speculated for quite some time. As is often the case in pro wrestling, creative plans can absolutely change," Sapp wrote

Sapp also mentioned the optimism people in WWE have about Lynch's future now that she's no longer being booked by Vince McMahon. Lynch revealed in an interview with FOX Sports' Ryan Satin in September that "The Game" wasn't a fan of Lynch being booked as a heel. 

"I talked to Hunter a little bit before and he was like, 'How do you feel about being a heel?' I was like, 'Honestly, it's fun, I like it. I feel I'm maybe more naturally inclined to be a babyface, people like me better as a babyface. Clearly, I'm doing my job if they don't like me.' I'm just great, lads. I'm just great [laughs]. He goes, 'I feel we're swimming upstream keeping you as heel.' 'Yeah, I agree.' Then the creative was laid out and I was like, 'That sounds awesome, hell yeah, pop, pop, pop,'" Lynch said.