The Undertaker Reveals Vince McMahon Did Not Like Ending to The Last Ride

WWE's recent multi-part series on The Undertaker, titled The Last Ride, was largely hailed as one of the best documentaries that WWE has ever produced. Airing over the course of several weeks, we saw the final years of The Undertaker's in-ring career play out before our eyes with unparalleled backstage access. On the final episode, Undertaker declared he was retiring from the ring and was alright with it. Though he did add a "never say never" caveat to the declaration.

However, apparently Vince McMahon wasn't a fan of that final episode. Speaking with the My Mom's Basement podcast, Undertaker was asked if he ended the series in that way to take away any temptation he had to return to the ring.

"It was in my thought process," Undertaker admitted. "I have a whole group of people who are like, 'You can go out and do this, people will go crazy.' On the inside, I'm thinking, 'I don't move the way I used to move, it's a watered down version.' I also love this business so much and love performing. It's almost like I needed somebody to put the bullet in there and stop. Once we started rolling with this, it was in the back of my mind, 'I can get to a point where this will solidify it and I won't have a choice.' Originally, that's where I was at until I had to send the last 15 minutes to the Chairman [Vince McMahon]. He didn't like the ending at all. That's where we put the line back in there, 'never say never.' I'm coming to grips with it. Obviously, as we get close to [WrestleMania], I'll have that internal feeling like I should be getting ready for something."

Do you think we'll see The Undertaker back in the ring? During some recent promo spots for the WWE Battlegrounds video game, he looks to be in fantastic shape. When WrestleMania season comes around, that will be the true test. Let us know in the comments section what you think!

H/T to Fightful for the transcript.