Watch: The Undertaker Drops an F-Bomb in Hilarious Backstage Promo Outtake During The Last Ride

Back in late 2018 The Brothers of Destruction (The Undertaker and Kane) found themselves in a feud with D-Generation X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels), which led up to a tag match at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia. As many will recall, the two future Hall of Famers cut a backstage promo leading up to the show that gave off an old-school vibe, as it put them back in the boiler room-esque setting they were often seen in back in the Attitude Era. During the third episode of Undertaker: The Last Ride the documentary cut to an outtake from that promo in which Undertaker managed to get the whole crew laughing.

"We have three words for you," Kane said.

"Go... f— yourself!" Undertaker said with a straight face.

Unfortunately the match wound up being a disappointment, as Taker, Triple H and Michaels all pointed out during the episode.

"It's with Kane and Taker, dude it's a night off, right," Triple H said while describing how he pitched the match to Michaels. "You'll come in there, we'll do a couple of crotch chops, we'll throw some glow sticks out, a couple of Superkicks, drop an elbow, it'll all be great. No problems, easy... except me and Taker are doing the 'once in a while' thing, Shawn hasn't wrestled in however many years, Kane's the mayor. It was like a bad comedy movie, it really is."

"It couldn't have gone any worse," he added

"It was a total train wreck, it was a disaster," Undertaker said.

"Whoa, goodness. It totally blew," Michaels said.

Undertaker revealed he wasn't mentally invested in the match due to personal problems he was dealing with, then added that the match could've potentially been his last.

"If that match would've came off the way it was intended, the way we wanted it to, that may have been enough for me," Taker said.


Elsewhere in the episode, "The Deadman" admitted that he was envious of how Michaels was able to retire so easily back at WrestleMania XXVI while he continues to chase a perfect send-off match.

"I'm so envious of Shawn because he was able to walk away and be...he was good with it. Do I wish I had that kind of clarity? Absolutely," Undertaker said. "He had the clarity before going into the match. Hopefully, when I have the match I'm looking for, I have that clarity. 'Okay, that's it.'"