WWE Boss Vince McMahon Took Away Popular Tag-Team's Gimmick and Catchphrases

Vince McMahon took away a popular catchphrase and a notable gimmick when reuniting a WWE tag team. The Boss’s decision-making process has been a big focus this year as WWE has made big changes to their lineup and scheduling. Curt Hawkins joined Chris Van Vliet to talk about reuniting with Zack Ryder and how McMahon handled that decision. Fans will remember that Hawkins used to favor a cane, and the boss decided to nix that gimmick. Poor Ryder had to leave his Woo Woo Woo in the past when he joined up with Hawkins again. Everything worked out, but you can tell both of them were kind of bummed about the changes.

“The cane stems from me being the biggest Brian Pillman mark and I love ‘Lights out’ his WCW debut where he’s standing there with the cane and it shoots and I thought it was cool using the cane,” Hawkins began. “I was like gung-ho getting it over and I think that people were starting to — I never got to use it like I wanted to like cheap shotting people.”

He continued, “Then last year when they put Zack and I back together on television I guess Vince said something like I really want us to be taken seriously so he was forbidden from doing the ‘Woo Woo’ and ‘Broski’ and all that and they said no more cane.”

Back in April both Ryder and Hawkins addressed being released from their WWE contracts. They were a part of that wild day where so much talent was let go. The former tag team champions were very grateful though. A couple of jokes were made about being able to use their government names on The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast now that they weren’t with the company anymore. But, in the end, both performers are just happy to have had the opportunity to thrill audiences. It was a ride with a lot of twists and turns, but there are relationships formed that will last a lifetime.

“The support you guys have given us is overwhelming and we love you, so thank you,” Ryder said. “I’m very excited. It feels like it’s Christmas morning to me and I can see all the gifts, but I can’t go open ’em yet. I’m just so excited to get out there. I’m just so pumped.”


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Credit: Ringside News

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