Will Charlotte Flair Miss WWE WrestleMania 37?

Charlotte Flair broke the news on Monday night that the reason she had been off television for [...]

Charlotte Flair broke the news on Monday night that the reason she had been off television for nearly two weeks was that she had tested positive for COVID-19 and was in the process of recovering. "The Queen's" absence was then addressed on Raw as a debuting Rhea Ripley confirmed Flair was sick and subsequently leapfrogged her for the next shot at Asuka's Raw Women's Championship. Flair gave no indication how long she'd be out of action or if she'd have to miss WrestleMania, but Andrade (her fiance) and Ric Flair both gave some clues in later tweets.

It started with "El Idolo" confirming Flair had only four (now three) days left in her mandated quaratine.

But then "The Nature Boy" tweeted out that WrestleMania "will not be the same without" her, seemingly leaving the door open for her to not compete on the show.

If she's cleared, Flair could easily be inserted into the Raw Women's title match, given that she's beaten both Ripley and Asuka at previous WrestleManias.

However, suddenly inserting her back into the title program might reignite the usual criticisms regarding how WWE uses Flair. It's something she's addressed both on-camera and behind the scenes numerous times.

"I have taken time off three times while on the main roster," Flair wrote in a lengthy post back in January. "First time was when my dad was sick. Second time was a 6 week injury that was followed up by 18 months of staring at lights to help create a star. 3rd time is now. What exactly is it that I'm avoiding? I keep looking for the article where you trash one of the male champions for taking time off and being inserted back into the title picture. Didn't find one. Shocking. Wonder why.

"I am in the title picture, and I will always be in the title picture. It's one of those unfortunate side effects of excelling at something; you wouldn't understand," she added.

Do you expect Flair to be back in time for Mania? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!