WWE's John Cena Gives Subtle Response to Nikki Bella's Recent Comments

The relationship between John Cena and Nikki Bella infamously ended in April 2018, roughly one year after Cena had proposed to Bella in front of tens of thousands of people at WrestleMania 33 and one month before the two were supposed to get married. Both have seemingly moved on since then, with Cena in a new relationship and Bella engaged to Dancing with the Stars partner Atem Chigvintsev. However the drama between the two might not be entirely over, as Bella recently made comments on Total Bellas that fans think is about John. On Wednesday it looked like the 16-time world champion responded on Twitter.

In one of the latest episodes of Total Bellas, Nikki spoke about her fear of being trapped inside of a marriage, as her parents had gone through a rough divorce. She also went further into her "fear of men" in general, seemingly referencing her engagement to Cena years back. Though Nikki is currently engaged to be married, with a baby on the way, these comments might have cut to the core of her former partner, as Cena himself responded with a Tweet that certainly might be interpreted as being directed at her.

John Cena released this Tweet from his Official Twitter Account earlier today, with many speculating that this is in response to Nikki discussing her fears of marriage and men in general that she had made on her popular reality show currently airing on the E! Network:

While Nikki is still filming the reality show with her sister, Cena continues to wrestle with the WWE and has made waves thanks in part to his participation in the recent Wrestlemania event where he fought against "The Fiend" in a pre-recorded Firefly Funhouse fight. The match, which was touted as being one of the best of the two night event, saw Cena and Bray Wyatt exploring not only Cena's past when it came to wrestling, but the past of the WWE as a whole overall as well! We'll be keeping our eyes out for any further developments for this potential back and forth.


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