WWE's Nikki Bella Caught On Camera Showing Off Her Butt Muscle Workout

Nikki Bella wants to show you "how to get your booty right." The WWE superstar shared a video on the Bella Twins YouTube channel to reveal the secret exercises she uses to sculpt her toned backside.

Over the course of the minute-long video, Nikki explained that there is one tip that will give you the athletic shape you desire. "It's all about the butt-clinching," the 33-year-old wrestler said.

"It's amazing because you start to know how to use your butt muscles," she said. "It's so amazing."

During the clip, Nikki gave a plug for a workout program called Pure Barre, which is the total body exercise system that she has been using to maintain her rocking physique.

According to the Pure Barre website, "Each Pure Barre class is 55 minutes and begins with a warm-up in the center of the room, on the floor, and then standing with light weights to work those arm muscles. We'll then move to the barre to work your thighs and your seat. After the seat work, you'll do a series of ab exercises, followed by a cool down. While the flow of class is always the same, we are always changing the music and exercises, so you never experience the same class twice!"

The video was posted on YouTube on December 20, and has been viewed over 72k times in only a matter of days.

Check out the video of Nikki Bella's butt muscle workout below:

This isn't the first time that Nikki has shaken her booty for the fans. Back in November, she took to social media to celebrate surpassing 5 million followers on Instagram by posting a video where she shakes her butt for the camera.

Nikki Bella shared the video on Instagram with the caption: "Booty Shakin' for 5 mil! Thank you all SO much!! Besos!!" She concluded the message with several red and yellow hearts.

Check out the booty shaking Instagram post below:

Booty Shakin' for 5 mil! 💋💪🏽🍑 Thank you all SO much!! Besos!! ❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛

A video posted by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

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