WWE's Roxanne Perez Overcomes the Odds and Retains NXT Women's Title at Vengeance Day

The numbers were against Roxanne Perez at WWE NXT Vengeance Day, as she was tasked with defending her NXT Women's Championship against Toxic Attraction's Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin. The Tag Team has had it out for Perez for a while, and at first, they were fully focused on taking the Champ down. All it took though was one mix up and their focus changed though, and as the match went on the partners started to turn on each other and try and take Perez down for themselves. Then it became all out war between the two, and Perez was able to keep finding moments to turn the tables on them. After she sent Dolin through a table, she hit Jayne with a Super Pop Rocks and that was enough to get the pin and the win, retaining her Championship.

Dolin and Jayne teamed up on Perez, keeping her on her heels and sending her outside to the floor. Dolin sent her back in and Jayne met her with more offense, but then Perez turned the tables and hit both Jayne and Dolin, buying her some space. That allowed her to evade a kick from Jayne, which almost connected with Dolin instead, but Jayne managed to stop it before it connected. Perez then went up bounced off the top rope and threw Toxic Attraction out of the ring, and then she dove through the ropes and knocked down Dolin.

Jayne was still standing but Perez got out of the way and she ran into Dolin, and Perez capitalized, rolling Jayne in and stomping on her. She then hit a slick moonsault and into a covert ut Jayne kicked out. She locked in a crossface but had to break it, and then Jayne connected with some hard-hitting chops and a mean kick to the back. She went for a cover but the Champ kicked out.

Perez came back but Jayne knocked her down, though Dolin pulled Jayne out of the ring and they started arguing. Dolin said they needed to work together and they shook hands, but then Perez dove and Dolin pulled Jayne into her way. Dolin went off at this point, slamming Perez into the steel steps and then kicking her numerous times. She then threw her into the barricade and started yelling before rolling Perez into the ring.

Perez kicked out of a cover and then Dolin slammed her down into another, but Jayne pulled her out of the ring and broke it up. She told her to stay there and covered Perez, but Dolin pulled her away. Then Jayne and Dolin started arguing again, and they exchanged shoves before they started actually attacking each other. Perez capitalized and started attacking both, hitting uppercuts in each corner.

Perez hit a DDT on both and then covered Jayne first and Dolin second, but they both kicked out. Perez was caught and ended up in the corner and attacked by Jayne. Jayne then had Perez covered but Dolin broke it up and the two former partners started fighting again. Jayne knocked Dolin back and taunted her with a DX chop before kicking Perez, but Perez kicked her and tried for Pop Rocks, though Dolin broke up a cover once again. Then all three exchanged punches in the middle of the ring, but Perez was rocked by twin super kicks. Then Jayne and Dolin hit headbutts on each other and everyone was knocked out, though Perez got her shoulder up after the unexpected cover.

Then Toxic got the tables and went to lift Perez, but she escaped and hit Pop Rocks on Dolin on the outside. Perez then turned her attention to Jayne, slamming her back into the ring apron and rolling her in. Perez climbed to the top but Jayne met her with a kick to the head. Jayne punched Perez and went to lift her for a Superplex, but Perez blocked it. Dolin was up now but Perez kicked Dolin off the ring and into the table, shattering it. Perez hit Jayne with a Super Pop Rocks and got the 1,2,3, retaining her NXT Women's Championship.

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You can watch NXT Vengeance Day live on Peacock.

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