WWE's Sasha Banks Gives Update on Bayley's Recovery

Few stars were hotter in 2020 and 2021 than Bayley, who delivered an amazing run as a top heel in WWE before it was cut short by an unfortunate injury. Bayley was set to take on Bianca Belair at Money in the Bank but an ACL injury sidelined her and plans had to be changed, and what made it worse was the fact that we were this close to having live fans in attendance again, and Bayley would have assuredly received a huge reception from the crowd. In a new interview with The New York Post, Sasha Banks was asked if she had spoken to Bayley and if so how she was handling being away from the ring after her injury.

"When I speak to Bayley it's so hard and frustrating because, man, she got hurt (ACL injury) a week before we were going back to the fans. So she's already telling me she hasn't wrestled in front of fans for almost two years," Banks said. "Can you imagine that? Can you imagine that feeling? And after someone like her who has absolutely killed the game, is on top of her game right now, just to get taken out like that is so hard to see. Everything happens for a reason. I know she's gonna come back better than ever. Her mind is more focused than ever and I just can't wait for her to return."

When asked if she was doing okay physically at this point, Banks gave some good news, saying  "She is doing incredible. She is the greatest."

When Bayley does come back, it will be interesting to see which brand she comes back to. Because she was injured she wasn't drafted, making her a free agent, so she'll be able to choose which one she goes to. By the time she returns, we could be looking at a completely different title picture, though if she were to return right now, SmackDown would be a likely destination, as over on Raw she would be feuding again with Belair and Becky Lynch is currently a heel, though there is also the wild card of Alexa Bliss.

On SmackDown, she could battle it out with Banks or Charlotte Flair (though both are heels currently), but the most interesting options are the newer talent on the blue brand like Shotzi Blackheart and Toni Storm, who are both faces and would benefit most from a feud with a monster heel like Bayley. We'll just have to wait and see.

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