WWE's Xavier Woods Unleashes A Haduken On Monday Night Raw

Woods Ryu SFV

The New Day's Xavier Wood's brought some of his love for Street Fighter, and fighting games in general, into his bout with Aiden English (The Vaudevillains) last night on Monday Night Raw and it was epic.

During the match (via Kotaku), Woods decided a standard clothesline or neck breaker wouldn't be enough to make his point, so he wound up and let loose a Ryu-like Hadoken! straight into Aiden's chest. Granted, it didn't come with any blue fireball effects, but the crew can always use some of that Unicorn Horn magic to fix that. If that doesn't work, they can always go enlist the help of their favorite cereal Booty-O's.

Woods later posted: "Down. Right. Fierce. @Capcom_Unity" on his Twitter account.


Woods is a huge video game fan and has his own gaming channel called Up Up Down Down on Youtube. He regularly features friends of his from WWE, like Sasha Banks, AJ Styles Bayley, Tyler Breeze, Zack Ryder, and Seth Rollins, and challenges them to a variety of games. Recent games include Turtles in Time (with Seth Rollins), Madden 16 (with Jack Swagger and Rollins), EA Sports UFC 2, and of course WWE 2K16, but most often it's either Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat X. There are plenty of matchups that have been just as engaging as their physical wrestling ring counterparts, and he likes to run tournaments between the competitors as well.