Xavier Woods Explains Why The New Day Should Stay Together

Rumors of a pending break-up of The New Day have been flying around WWE for well over a year, but if one of the team's stars has his way, that break-up will not be happening anytime soon.

In a wide ranging interview with the Post and Courier published on Saturday, Woods spoke about why he believes keeping the team together is the best option at this point in time. In fact, he went one step farther in saying the team should (and will) stay together forever.

"More importantly, it's the best career move for all three of us [to stay together]," Woods explained. "New Day's staying together forever. In the easiest terms, it's the most fun option for us. Obviously Kofi was killing it already. E was doing well. I wasn't really doing much. The group has helped me become more recognized and things like that. But you also think about the things that Kofi and me were doing. [We've] gotten way more opportunities as well because of being part of the group.

"It's helped all three of us make sure that we're on TV, make sure that we get microphones in our hands, and possibly the most important thing in the company, it's helped us with opportunities to have amazing matches with other teams that are just as amazing. So when you get to have a Hell in a Cell match, none of us had ever been in that position before. By having this group effort and being able to attack this as a group, we've been able to do a lot more than if we were just doing this alone."

There's no doubt that the tag team has made all three bigger stars than they would have been as singles performers at the on-set. While Kingston in particular had a successful singles run in the past, the argument could be made that The New Day has made him an even bigger star.


All of that being said, there will always be money to be made with a break-up angle and it's certainly coming sooner rather than later. While the team has been a success, both creatively and monetarily (their merchandise has sold well for a long time), it's getting near time to see how high these three can fly on their own.

WWE's main event scene is in dire need of some fresh new faces and all three members of the New Day have the potential to be elevated, with Big E seemingly the most likely. Meanwhile the tag team division has gotten pretty stagnant and there's only so many times you can see New Day wrestle the same teams. No matter how good a team is, their time together will always reach an expiration date.