The Young Bucks Talk WWE NXT: 'Fun Show' But AEW Will Be Better

With the debut of AEW Dynamite on TNT in under two weeks, the anticipation for the Wednesday Night Wars continues to build.

WWE NXT debuted on the USA Network this past Wednesday to rave reviews and higher than expected television ratings. October 2nd will be the first time that AEW and NXT will go head to head on Wednesday night for two hours.

The performers are starting to lean into the growing rivalry. Today, it was the Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) who commented on NXT's debut to Alex McCarthy of TalkSPORT.

"It was a fun show. But 10 weeks from now, those fans might get tired. It happened with IMPACT [doing a show from the same studio]," said Nick.

Matt added on that, saying, "I'm rooting for them, I want them to have a good show. Ours is just going to be better."

Triple H recently commented on NXT's roster, saying that he wouldn't trade anyone on that roster for someone else. The Young Bucks addressed the comment, taking humor in it given the fact that it was widely publicized that WWE made a push to sign themselves and Kenny Omega late last year.

"It just made me laugh. C'mon, we know you wanted us," said Nick.


Matt noted, "A year ago you were trying to get us all [The Elite]! Don't act like there was no interest and you wouldn't trade for us because I know for a fact you would."