Rob Liefeld Hints At Big Role For Garrison Kane In Deadpool Movie

It was just yesterday that Twentieth Century Fox officially put a Deadpool movie on their release schedule, but already the hype machine is kicking into gear.

Deadpool co-creator and evangelist Robert Liefeld posted the cover to X-Force Vol. 1 #2 onto his Instagram page today. The issue was Deadpool’s second comic book appearance, but Liefeld makes clear that the issue will soon become notable for other reasons.

The issue was also the first appearance of Garrison Kane, a.k.a. Weapon X, and Liefeld hints that there are big things in store for the character.

Collectors!! Trust me when I tell you to stock up on this issue! X-Force #2 important! More than just the 2nd appearance of #deadpool #robliefeld #xforce #marvel

For those who aren’t familiar with Kane’s history, the character is a mercenary who was part of Cable’s old team called Six Pack. After leaving Six Pack, he became part of the Weapon X program, alongside Wade Wilson. The program turned Kane into a cyborg with cybernetic rocket arms, and then tasked him with hunting down Deadpool and Cable.

Kane was mentioned in our previous report on everything we know about the Deadpool movie as a character planned for an appearance in the film. With Liefeld this excited about the character, it seems possible that Fox is in talks with someone big to play the role.

Deadpool comes to theaters February 12, 2016.