X-Men's Shawn Ashmore Wants To See A Fantastic Four/X-Men Crossover


The comic book movie landscape gets more and more interesting by the day. With the historic announcement just two weeks ago that saw Sony and Marvel come to a shared agreement over the use of Spider-Man, it got us wondering what other deals might be made to create a more unified Marvel Cinematic Universe.

During a conversation with X-Men star, Shawn Ashmore, we played fantasy movie executive, to see what combination of heroes he’d like to see on screen together. With the vast array of characters available to him, the star focused in on Marvel’s First Family, and the Spirit of Vengeance.

You can check out the first part of our our conversation with Ashmore here, where we talked about death in comics and if it translates for movies. Our full interview with Shawn will run later today.

So with Spider-Man in the news recently, if given the opportunity, and Fox and Marvel were able to work something out, are there any any characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that you'd want to share the screen with?

Well, what I'm about to propose is not totally out of the realm of possibility because it's the same studio, but I'm excited to see the new Fantastic Four. That's what I really want to see, that's what I'm really curious about.

I want to see that take on it. I think it would be dope to see a little crossover between the X-Men, maybe some Fantastic Four, maybe Bobby flying around with The Fantastic Four one of these days. That would be cool, wouldn’t it?

From the Avengers though, to be honest, I would love Hulk. It's such a dynamite character, such an interesting character, so I think to interact with a character like that who's such a force to be reckoned with would be kind of cool.

What about something with Spider-Man? There was a great stretch in the Ultimate line of comics where it's Iceman, Human Torch, & Spidey fighting crime.

[Laughs] Exactly, that would be awesome! But you know what characters I loved growing up? Two of my favorite characters were Nightcrawler and the Ghost Rider actually.

I've never loved the Ghost Rider takes that we've gotten. I would love to see ... I don't know if more serious is the word I'm looking for. I just think that story has another way of telling it that is a little more in depth and a little more ... There's something about the way they told the story that didn't click for me. I would love to see another incarnation of Ghost Rider.

It’s such a scary dark image and spirit of vengeance. It's a great character. That's what I'd like to see more of.

What is it about the new Fantastic Four movie that you’re excited about?

What I've always liked about Fantastic Four, and it's completely opposite from the X-Men, is that these are not people that are born with these abilities and learned to deal with them. It's not their given gift, it's something that they achieve. I think it's almost more jarring than being born with something and realizing you can do it. I think that's an interesting dilemma. What would you do? We all think like, "Oh shit man, I'd love to have superpowers, that would be incredible" but would it really? What would that transition be like, and you know what I mean?

It's something that keep saying of comic books, and me included, "Oh that would be awesome if I could be Bobby Drake turn into ice and do all this stuff" but I think we've explored some of that in the X-Men films, the ramifications of being that different. I think the exploration of being this quote unquote normal human being and then all of a sudden being given these weird powers. How would that affect you in real life, not in a heightened superhero thing where it's like, "Oh great now I can fly and do all these things." There would probably be some really interesting psychological changes that you'd have to come to term with. I think that's what I've liked about The Fantastic Four. Maybe that will be the exploration, maybe it won't be, but that, to me, is what I think is interesting about their particular story.


So what do you think? Would you want to see the X-Men team up with the Fantastic Four? What about the Avengers? Let us know below.