Dragon Ball Heroes Reveals Impressive Piccolo, Android 17 Tag-Team

The Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime series has featured plenty of fan service over its short run, but each new episode continues to surprise as this series has gone on for much longer than fans had ever expected it would. The fight with the new villains of the Core Area has already resulted in some interesting match ups, but the latest episode takes it one step further by featuring some teamwork from a pair that didn't get to work together much during their time on Dragon Ball Super.

With the fight against this powerful villain group being brought to Universe 7, Piccolo and Android 17 have surprisingly teamed up against the powerful Android duo of Kami and Oren and even displayed some great team skills of their own to combat them.

While Goku is being kept busy against Super Hearts in Episode 13 of the promotional anime series, Android 17 and Piccolo are dealing with the now fused Kamioren. Kamioren has proven to be a strong foe before, and that's definitely the case here. But like in Dragon Ball Super, 17 is a much more intelligent fighter that uses his abilities to their fullest.

The best example of Android 17 and Piccolo's tag team comes when Kamioren fires a powerful blast at the two of them. 17 rushes to Piccolo's side to block it with his shield, and the barrier holds for quite a while. But eventually, Kamioren pushes the blast with so much energy that 17's barrier breaks. But Kamioren doesn't get much time to celebrate as soon Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon pierces right through their chest and takes them by surprise.

It turned out that while Android 17 was holding back the blast with the barrier, Piccolo was charging his Special Beam Cannon and the two of them manage to defeat Kamioren temporarily. Although this might not last long as the next episode teases more of Kamioren's fierce attacks, this was a great display of the kind of teamwork they can have.

Although the two of them were partners working with the rest of the Universe 7 team in Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power, they didn't quite work together much as fans would have wanted. So at least there's some fan service in seeing just how these two would have come together if there was more time given to bouncing the characters around the tournament more.


If you wanted to catch up, Episode 13 of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime series is now live and is titled "Super Hearts Joins the Fight! An All-Out Earthshaking Battle Fighters Assemble!" The synopsis for the episode describes it as such, "Hearts has finally shown his true power! Goku transforms into Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan and a fearsome, evenly matched battle unfolds. How will this earthshaking battle end?"

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