Pokemon Anime Teases Gigantamax Charizard's Anime Debut

The newest generation of the Pokemon games have revealed a whole new region with Sword and Shield that includes a powerful new ability, Dynamaxing. Some of the Pokemon get their own variations of this power up with Gigantamaxing that changes their forms in some way, and one of the most notable is the awesome new form Charizard gets when it transforms into a fiery giant. The current anime series might have a looser association with the Galar region than you would expect from a new Pokemon series, but took the time out to previously demonstrate just how terrifying Gigantamaxing really would be.

The new Pokemon anime bounces around from place to place, and region to region with each new episode, and it's been confirmed that Ash Ketchum and new hero Go will be returning to the Galar region for a special event battle between the Kanto Champion Lance and the currently undefeated Galar Champion, Leon.

Not only will this future episode feature the return of Lance and his Red Gyarados, but a new promo spotted by @DBSChronicles on Twitter gives us a first look at Gigantamax Charizard's upcoming explosive debut into the anime series. Check it out:

This upcoming battle will be featured in Episode 12 of the series as Ash and Go get tickets to a special exhibition between the two regional champions. It's only a couple of weeks away from the time of this writing (although fans outside of Japan are still left without a legal way to keep up with the new anime just yet), and now that Ash surprisingly has a Dragonite of his own, things are about to get a lot more interesting.


The upcoming episode is described as such, "Professor Sakuragi has given [Ash] and Go tickets to the finals of the Pokemon World Championships, the tournament that decides the best Pokemon Trainer in the world. The two of them set off to the Galar region, where the stadium is located, to see this match with their own eyes. The final is between [Lance], the winner of the Elite Four Cup in the Kanto region, and [Leon], whose undefeated record in the Galar region keeps growing. Just how skilled is this man [Leon]?"

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