My Hero Academia Chapter Wows with Clever Miruko Panel

My Hero Academia has gotten a lot of notoriety with its recent manga chapters thanks to a focus on the rabbit hero known as Miruko, with the most recent installment of the franchise giving us a clever panel that has her literally breaking the fourth wall. With Miruko fighting against the deadly creations of the Paranormal Liberation Front's mad scientist, the High End Nomu are causing the rabbit hero to unleash her full potential. In an absolutely devastating fight, the manga demonstrates just how brutal and fast paced the series can be when it wants to!

With the heroes unleashing their powers in an attempt to stop the massive super villain organization that is currently barreling down in their direction, the first target on the list is Doctor Garaki, the scientist responsible for creating the Nomu as well as giving Shigaraki an insane power up in the same vein as All For One. With Endeavor and a handful of the strongest professional heroes confronting the doctor in his civilian workplace, the "High End" Nomu are unleashed and Miruko begins bouncing and kicking her way through the biological nightmares!

Twitter User VocalPineapple shared the amazing My Hero Academia panel that shows off one of Miruko's hard hitting kicks, ripping not just through one of the Nomu, but through the manga panel itself as the series demonstrates that the action can be so powerful that it rips through reality:


With this being one of the most fast paced battles in the series to date, it was especially brutal considering the damage that Miruko underwent while fighting against the Nomu. As she attempts to make her way to the Paranormal Liberation Front's top scientist, she loses an arm during the fight which is barely able to slow her down! Miruko simply wraps a bandage around her arm and expresses her dedication to defeating the super villain organization, showing just how strong her character is.

What did you think of Miruko unleashing her power to the point of breaking through the manga panel itself? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and UA Academy!

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