New Reports Share Extra Details on the Arrest of Act-Age's Writer

Over the weekend, fans of Act-Age were shaken when it was reported the manga's writer had been arrested in Japan. Japanese outlets confirmed Tatsuya Matsuki was taken into custody on Saturday for allegedly acting indecently towards an underage girl. Now, new reports on the disturbing situation have come to light, and they suggest this is not the first girl Matsuki has harassed.

The update comes from NHK in Japan. Following the initial arrest of Matsuki, police went on to release a more thorough timeline of events leading up to the suspect's indecent act. It turns out security camera footage caught a second victim being touched by an assailant who appears to be Matsuki.

The current timeline looks something like this if the reports are correct. NHK says a middle school girl was walking around the Nakano ward of Tokyo at night when the suspect touched her inappropriately from behind while riding a bicycle. The person then fled the scene while the young girl sought the police to report the incident.

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(Photo: Viz Media)

New details from police reveal security cameras were used in an attempt to pinpoint the suspect's identity. It was through this footage police learned a different middle school girl was similarly assaulted an hour after the original incident by the same suspect. When police were able to apprehend Matsuki, the writer said "there's generally nothing incorrect" about the criminal accusations laid before him.


At this time, Shueisha has not made any announcement about the future of Act-Age. The team at Weekly Shonen Jump made a statement acknowledge the upsetting incident and stressing it will take direct action as the case against Matsuki unfolds further.