Alita: Battle Angel Actor Debunks Recent Sequel Rumors

Alita: Battle Angel may have debuted a couple of years ago, but the cult-favorite film hasn't faded into obscurity. The live-action anime adaptation has only grown in strength since director Robert Rodriguez brought the film to life. These days, the film's devoted fanbase is more desperate than ever to see an Alita sequel be announced, but it turns out recent rumors about such a project were all for naught.

The update comes from an actor on Alita, and it is none other than Jai Courtney. The actor, who starred at the end of the movie, stirred up lots of debate several months ago with an Instagram post. The actor shot a selfie while skating in a mo-cap suit, and fans were quick to place the look. It is similar to the one Courtney had to wear when filming Alita, and many fans took the photo as a sequel teaser.

However, that is not the case. In a recent chat with CinemaBlend, Courtney apologized to fans and said the photo he snapped wasn't related to an Alita sequel at all. "I can tell you this, it wasn't for Alita: Battle Angel. So, sorry CinemaBlend audience. It was another thing," the actor said.

(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Courtney went on to describe the project in question, and it is none other than an anime-inspired Netflix series.

"I actually got the chance to go do an episode of Love Death + Robots on Netflix. Some good friends of mine were involved in making it… It's this Tim Miller/David Fincher creation, and it was a chance to get off the couch during quarantine and do something completely different."


Clearly, this update is not one the Alita Army was wanting. Despite the film's sizable box office, Hollywood has kept mum on any sequel for the film. But as Alita's fanbase continues to rally for a sequel, we can only hope their pleas become too loud for Disney to ignore.

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