Among Us Gets Brutal Anime-Inspired Kills in This New Video

Among Us has become a true phenomenon in the world of gaming and for good reason. The title is a quarantine hit as the tense co-op game pits groups of people together in a high-risk version of whodunnit. As you can imagine, fans have been quick to mock up their own designs of Among Us since its popularity began rising. That is why one artist decided to make their own kill animations for the game, and they relied on some classic anime series to get it done.

The piece comes from the user Landonardough on Twitter. The artist and animator hit up fans online with his anime-centric take on Among Us. However, as you can see in the video above, the new reels fit in with the game perfectly.

Of course, the video begins with a direct nod to Attack on Titan as the Red member is shown making a move on the Yellow guy. The only issue is that Red is all geared up like Mikasa or Eren, and he cuts Yellow in half with a single swipe.

The video goes on to show some other gnarly deaths that anime fans will know immediately. Bleach comes second before Yu-Gi-Oh shows up to take away Yellow's life points. One-Punch Man does the same before Fullmetal Alchemist shows up to transmute Yellow into a chimera. And as we all know, the poor guy dies shortly after.


The last anime nodded to is none other than Death Note. Red is seen putting Yellow's name down in his journal before the player drops dead. In true Light fashion, Red goes mad with power and kills the rest of his teammates. So if we are really going to follow in Death Note's steps, it will not be long before the Shinigami of Among Us takes out Red to cover his tracks.

Which of these clips is your favorite? Should Among Us try and adopt any of these animations? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.