Animal Crossing Meets Gundam with This Special In-Game Item

The world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows Nintendo players to create universes of their own on their own personal islands, and one of the in-game items looks strikingly similar to a mech suit that is used in the franchise of Mobile Suit: Gundam! In the recently released video game, players are dropped onto islands in order to create their own personalized homes, filling them with in-game items that folks are able to receive by doing a number of tasks on the island while simultaneously paying off their debts to a certain Tom Nook!

On top of the giant robot that looks similar to those seen in Mobile Suit: Gundam, fans can also fill their islands with one, or many, statues that are strikingly similar to the king of the monsters himself, Godzilla. With so much to do on your own island, and having the ability to travel to your friends' islands that are connected via the Nintendo Switch, it's clear that this simulator will be played by video game fanatics for months, if not years, to come! Anime fans have made good use of the customization, incorporating series such as Pokemon, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Berserk, and several other franchises as part of their abodes!

Twitter User SquallCharlson shared an image of the robotic figure that looks like a combination between a Transformer and a Gundam, proving that Animal Crossing has a number of surprises in store for anime fans as well as pop culture fans across the board:

Gundam fans will most recognize an object like this as a Gundam plastic model, aka a Gunpla, which have sky rocketed in popularity throughout the decades and especially now considering the quarantine status of many stuck at home to help stop the spread of the Corona Virus. With Gunplas having sold over 500 million copies since their original release date in 1980, the popular mech franchise has had plenty of different stories that incorporate a multitude of mechs across countless universes.


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