It Turns Out an Anime Studio Mysteriously Disappeared in Japan

The world of anime in and of itself can be weird. The stories can range from fighting shonen that follow aliens knuckling up and testing their strength against one another or focus on a mundane set of high schoolers falling in love and attempting to find their place in the world. Sometimes, however, reality can be stranger than fiction as an anime studio apparently had disappeared into thin air. Though Tear Studio has apparently re-emerged in recent days, the story of the disappearing animation studio had many fans, and former employees, scratching their heads.

SoraNews24 documented the bewildering tale, wherein both employees and anime insiders found themselves unable to make contact with many of the executives at Tear Studio, leading many to believe that the company itself had either vanished off the face of the Earth or was attempting to hide from the world for some reason.

As we now know, the case was the latter as the executives of Tear Studio revealed themselves recently, but only to reveal the fate of the animation house. Unfortunately, Tear Studio has come to an end, with the studio having a brief run having come into existence beginning in 2013. The studio, which created a handful of series such as Lord Vermillion and "Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher?" had just released the movie, Fragtime, for anime fans last month, making the situation all the stranger.

The numerous employees of Tear Studio have gone on record stating that they are owed back pay for the work that they already accomplished, totaling around 8 Million Yen when all is said and done. The 50 workers may not receive payment unfortunately as the company has filed for bankruptcy and may not be on the hook for the money owed, which, considering how difficult the medium is, marks for a terrible situation.

To boot, the website for the studio and any marketing materials also seemed to banish along with the ability to contact the executives. This situation is a dire one for the employees that were affected by Tear Studio's dubious disappearance and we can only hope that their hard work as employees is rewarded.


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Via SoraNews24