Former Attack on Titan Director Thanks Fans for Supporting the Anime

Attack on Titan has been one of the biggest anime to debut in the last decade. The story's tense politics and brutal twists have kept fans engaged for years now, but every story must come to an end. The anime is expected to debut its fourth and final season this fall. Of course, that means fans are wanting to revisit the show's previous seasons, and their renewed focus has prompted one director to thank fans for dedicating their hearts to Attack on Titan.

The whole thing began thanks to Tetsuro Araki, The animator acted as the chief director on Attack on Titan for years, and he did oversee seasons one through three. That means Attack on Titan owes much of its TV success to the director, and the artist shared his thanks with fans for all their support.

Taking to Twitter, Araki was prompted to thank fans after ANIMAX Japan said it would have a massive Attack on Titan marathon this week. The network will show all the movie compilations of seasons one and two before screening the whole of season three. Araki was blown away by the marathon, so he had this to say to Attack on Titan fans:

"Our seven years of struggle [and work] will hit you in one night," Araki tweeted. The director went on to give thanks to anyone planning to tune in. ANIMAX Japan will begin the marathon on September 19, so there is a good chance the event will be a success.


Of course, fans are still waiting anxiously for news on the final season of Attack on Titan. It has been confirmed the fourth season will be the last as manga creator Hajime Isayama is wrapping up the series' final arc. It was also announced Wit Studios will not oversee season four as MAPPA is taking control of the anime. This means an all-new creative team will be bringing the finale to life, so fans are hoping the newcomers will do justice to the work Araki's team did with seasons one through three.

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