Attack On Titan Cliffhanger Turns Our Heroes Into Hostages

The latest episode of Attack On Titan's anime was easily one of the most suspenseful and [...]

The latest episode of Attack On Titan's anime was easily one of the most suspenseful and heart-pounding episodes in the fourth season to date, with the cliffhanger of the installment putting a number of characters into quite the terrifying situation as Eren Jaeger makes his move. With the season beginning by showing us the inner workings of the nation of Marley, the Attack Titan has been on the offensive, bringing the war directly to Marley's footsteps and now amassing a following of "Jaegerists" that are attempting to bring down the Eldian military and follow Jaeger to their dying days.

Mostly, the episode focused on the past sins of Gabi and Falco, with Nicolo discovering the fact that they were responsible for the death of Sasha, and thus attempted to exact revenge for the loss of the Survey Corps soldier that had enjoyed his cooking so much. With Sasha's parents deciding to not continue the string of revenge that had led them to this point, Gabi is spared her life, but not before the young girl Kaya attempts to get revenge of her own by trying to bury a knife into Gabi's temple. Needless to say, a lot of emotional beats happened during this episode, but the final seconds of the latest installment took things to a big new level.

Attack On Titan Hostage Situation
(Photo: MAPPA)

The Survey Corps, who had appeared to see if Nicolo had any idea about Yelena's behind-the-scenes actions, found themselves cornered by the Jaegerists, with Floch explaining that the faction of Eldians knew far more about what was happening than anyone expected. This predicament however wasn't the big hostage situation, as Eren appears directly in front of Gabi, Mikasa, and Armin, informing them that he wanted some face time with his former friends before things got extremely heated.

The situation becomes direr when Eren reveals that he has cut his hand, lying his bloody appendage down on the table and thus hinting to his friends that he is more than willing to unleash the power of the Attack Titan at any time, killing everyone in the building in which they currently sit. With Eren meaning business, it is clear to Armin and Mikasa that their friend might be beyond redemption at this point.

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