This DJ Is Going Viral Thanks to Their Sick Attack On Titan Dubstep Track

Attack On Titan is about to hit its finale with the manga inching ever closer with each released chapter and the upcoming fourth and final season of its anime set to wrap the story of Eren Jaeger and the Survey Corps, and one disc jockey took the opportunity to go viral by working the tunes of the dark franchise into their club performance! Attack On Titan has become a juggernaut within the world of anime by giving anime fans a heart wrenching story unlike anything out there currently and audiences can't wait to see how the story makes its curtain call.

The scene in question that was used to make this DJ go viral was one of the biggest, most surprising in the franchise itself. Bertholdt and Reiner approached Eren Jaeger, revealing their true identities as both the Colossal and Armored Titans respectively, imploring the lead of the series to come join them. One of Attack On Titan's biggest strengths was its surprises, slipping in some giant revelations under the radar such as the second arrival of the Colossal Titan for example. As the series has ramped toward its finale in the pages of the manga, anime fans will have lots of new surprises to witness as the final season from Studio MAPPA hurdles our way!

Twitter User Diaoln shared the minute long clip that has gone viral thanks in part to a DJ incorporating one of the most surprising moments in the history of Attack On Titan into their set within the club, getting the club goers to get down to the beats of the popular franchise:

Attack On Titan's epic score has been one that has helped make it one of the biggest franchises in recent memory, bringing in more audiences as the series continued over the years. Alongside the twists and turns of the series, the complete package of the franchise created by Hajime Isayama will certainly go down as a legendary entry in the medium of anime.

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