Attack on Titan Teases Eren's Horrific New Form

Attack on Titan is speeding towards the finale after series creator Hajime Isayama revealed there was only about five percent of the story remaining, and the final arc has seen Eren transform into the final villain of the series. The newest chapter takes it even one step further by teasing an even more terrifying form to go alongside all of the transformations he has gone on the inside. Eren Yeager has declared war on the rest of the world, and teamed up with the Founding Titan to awake the Titans in the walls and sick them on the rest of the Earth.

As they continue to stomp their way through Earth and completely desecrating and destroying every little thing in their path, we had not seen much of Eren himself after he revealed that his Attack Titan had the power to see both the past and future all in one. Once he decided to unleash hell on Earth as a final way to free Eldians from the pain of the rest of the world, it appears as if he has completely melded into the Titans' space.

Chapter 131 sees Armin, Annie, and the final remnants of humanity's fighting forces gathered together on a ship as they try and continue escaping from the Wall Titans' march on the rest of the world. Armin begins to wonder how this all went so badly, and wondered if there was still a way to reach the kind of peaceful dream he and Eren had as children, and it's here that we finally get a look at Eren's gross new look:

Attack on Titan Spoilers Eren New Form Terrifying Manga Tease Look
(Photo: Kodansha)

The chapter of the series comes to an end as we can get a glimpse of Eren's current form, and it shows how little humanity Eren has left. He has essentially thrown out his humanity with his actions and total annihilation plan, and now it has all come full circle as all that remains of him now that he's combined his power with the Founding Titan is his head and spine as he continues to give out trampling orders to the Wall Titans.

How do you feel about Eren's disgusting new form? How do you think this has changed his Titan transformation? Do you think there's a way for the series to come to an end without killing Eren? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!