Attack On Titan Announces Children Book Starring Detective Armin

Perhaps there is no better example of an anime franchise that shouldn't work as a children's book than Attack On Titan, the dark epic that follows the Survey Corps' fight against the naked, smiling behemoths known as Titans, but that isn't stopping the series from releasing a book aimed at the younger generations with "Detective Armin". Armin, of course, is one of the major players in the popular anime franchise, having gained a serious boost in strength during the final episodes of the anime's third season, with the upcoming final season sure to hold plenty of surprises for this soldier!

During the final episodes of season three, Armin was given the powers of the Colossal Titan, having been turned into a titan himself in order to save his life and subsequently eating the traitor Bertholdt to inherit his impressive power. Though the anime has yet to feature Armin's new technique, the trailer for the fourth season has given us our first look at the new Colossal Titan in all his glory, fully animated. With Studio MAPPA taking the reins of the series from Wit Studio, fans can't wait to once again dive into the mature series that presents a depressing and compelling world.

The author of Detective Armin introduced fans of Attack On Titan to his work, a children's book that will focus on not only the Survey Corps, but a mysterious new threat, that can be enjoyed by all ages and will contain a number of activities for fans of the series while also giving a very different take to the war between Marley and Eldia:

The author notes that there are currently no plans to create an English version of this unorthodox adaptation of Attack On Titan, but considering the popularity of the franchise in the West, we definitely would say "never say never".


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