Attack on Titan Cosplayer Nails Levi's Season Four Look

Attack on Titan is weeks out from its final chapter, and all eyes are on the franchise in light of its final season. As reports continue to come in about season four, fans are paying homage to their favorite soldiers while the series is still live. Of course, this means Levi is getting some serious love right now, and one all-star cosplayer felt it was time to show their love for the hero.

Over on Instagram, the cosplayer Sosenka got fans buzzing with their electric take on Levi not long ago. The cosplayer, who has gone viral several times for their realistic projects, chose to spotlight Levi in honor of Attack on Titan season four. The look came together with some impressive makeup skills, and netizens admit Sosenka looks like the spitting image of Levi in this get-up.

As you can see above, the majority of the cosplay is focused on bringing Levi's gaunt look to life. A slew of makeup was used to darken the hero's cheeks so they appear inset, and some strong brows were drawn on to boot. As for his hair, Levi comes together with a styled wig that is chopped short, and it looks spot-on to the anime. Finally, Levi is rocking a more casual look given his button-up shirt, canvas jacket, and white ascot to boot.

Clearly, Sosenka spent a lot of time perfecting this look, and Attack on Titan fans are loving the attention to detail. Even Levi would have to compliment cosplay given how lifelike it looks. So if you have been needing inspiration for your 2021 cosplays, this might be the thing you've been needing!

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