Attack on Titan Cosplay Brings Back Mikasa's Original Makeover

The final season of Attack on Titan begins next year. With Mikasa set to experience the most traumatic events of her life thanks in part to the decisions of Eren Jaeger, expect plenty of screen time for the Ackerman in the last episodes. Now, one cosplayer has decided to take us back to "simpler times" by revisiting Mikasa's look before the mysteries outside of Paradis were explored. Mikasa will definitely be a character to watch in 2023.      

Mikasa might have never inherited the power of a Titan, considering her background as an Ackermann, but she has remained one of the most powerful figures that spawned from the mind of creator Hajime Isayama. With Eren Jaeger effectively becoming the final villain of the series, looking to eliminate all those who don't inhabit the island of Paradis via waves of Colossal Titans, Mikasa must now make the unbelievably difficult decision regarding how far she is willing to go to stop her former friend's plan. Throughout Attack on Titan, Mikasa has often put herself in terrible danger in a bid to protect Eren from harm, though it seems as though Eren's plans as the Founding Titan will set the two on a collision course.

Instagram Cosplayer Rinne Goddess took Attack on Titan fans back to the past with this new Cosplay, revisiting a time wherein the Titans were still a mystery and Mikasa was still the best of friends with Eren Jaeger as both the pair and Armin attempted to navigate their dangerous world:

While the anime adaptation of Attack on Titan will come to an end next year, the manga has already come to an end and Hajime Isayama hasn't left any hints that he'll be creating a sequel any time soon, if ever. However, there are some hints that were shown in the final chapter of the series that might point to an eventual continuation of the series down the line. Based on the final events, however, we would imagine that a possible sequel would be far different from what we originally saw in the series.


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