Attack on Titan Episode 86 Reveals Synopsis

Attack on Titan season four is getting down to the wire. As the winter cour comes to an end, all eyes are on Mikasa and Eren as the two see out their final missions. The latter is set on destroying humanity while Mikasa must push aside her feelings to stop Eren at all costs. This weekend, episode 86 will bring the pair closer to their goals, and its official synopsis has gone live to prove it.

So if you want to know what's coming, you can check out Attack on Titan's blurb below. The synopsis for "Retrospective" reads as follows: "If you hesitate, you will die. Point the [gun] and pull the trigger. Believe that beyond this betrayal there is a way to save the world."

As you can see above, the synopsis is pretty vague, but it packs in plenty of imagery. Attack on Titan is moving towards a place of no return for our heroes desperate to stop Eren. Their minds have been made, and they cannot afford to hesitate for even a moment. The series has become one where you kill or get killed, and those odds are terrifying.

The synopsis goes on to suggest there's still some hope on the horizon. Attack on Titan might be bleak on its best day, but Eren's betrayal with his coup hits harder than ever. Still, the blurb says there is still a way to save the world if our heroes can push through the betrayal. Obviously, that is easier said than done, but when has Mikasa ever backed down from a fight? So long as Eren is involved, Mikasa won't stop pushing, and her comrades won't let her go the road alone. 

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