Attack On Titan Fan-Manga Is Getting an Anime Adaptation

With the ending of Attack On Titan arriving this past April via the dark franchise's manga, and [...]

With the ending of Attack On Titan arriving this past April via the dark franchise's manga, and the anime adaptation set to arrive early next year thanks to Studio MAPPA, a group of fans have decided to create an animated series for their own take on how the journey of Eren Jaeger and the Survey Corps should have ended. Attack On Titan Requiem has already revealed its first chapter, which weaves a different story for Eren in the final chapters of the manga series and will seemingly tell a much more dire ending than the one we witnessed as created by Hajime Isayama.

On the official Attack On Titan Requiem website, the creators of the alternate ending went into detail about why they decided to retell the final chapters of Hajime Isayama's beloved franchise:

"With the best of our abilities, we strive to give the series a more satisfying ending that pays homage to the important themes and deep message of the original story," says the official website. "A conclusion that respect the established characterization and character development of each character based directly from the author's past interviews and major turning points in the manga while maintaining the DARK and TRAGIC tone that distinguished Attack on Titan from other shounen mangas."

Twitter Outlet Anime Senpai dropped the news that this fan-made ending for Attack On Titan, which will apparently see Eren taking some decidedly different actions following his assembly of the Jaegerists and attempting to put into place the Euthanasia Plan with his brother Zeke:

Without going into spoiler territory, the finale for Attack On Titan gives a definitive ending to the Survey Corps and has heroes becoming villains and vice versa. With Hajime Isayama creating a "Director's Cut," to the final chapter that adds some major new events to the story, there are story beats that leave open the possibility of a sequel though the mangaka has not confirmed that we'll see a sequel to the bloody series in the world of manga or anime.

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