Attack On Titan Teams Up with Fullmetal Alchemist Artist For Special Sketch

The creators of Attack On Titan and Fullmetal Alchemist are preparing to interview one another, [...]

The creators of Attack On Titan and Fullmetal Alchemist are preparing to interview one another, and both Hajime Isayama and Hiromu Arakawa are looking to celebrate the occasion with a crossover sketch that sees both Eren Jaeger and Edward Elric side by side. Though Fullmetal Alchemist ended its story years ago, with the franchise receiving two different anime series, Attack On Titan came to a close earlier this year, finally bringing the tragic tale of the war between the nation of Marley and the Eldian race to a close.

While the stories of the Elrics and the Jaegers are quite different, both anime series wasn't afraid to give fans some of the darkest moments in the medium of anime. As Edward and Alphonse venture into the dark world of alchemy, Fullmetal Alchemist wasn't afraid to eliminate some fan-favorite characters and use a degree of body horror that hadn't been witnessed that often in anime. The story of the Titans was also just as dark, if not darker, than the world of alchemy, with Titans chomping down on innocent civilians throughout the four seasons of the series. We doubt we'll ever see an official crossover between these two franchises, but seeing this meeting of the minds between creators is certainly something to see.

Twitter User Attack On Fans shared this anime crossover sketch that unites two worlds that couldn't be more different but are both regarding as two of the most legendary franchises to ever be introduced in the medium:

While the finale for Attack On Titan's manga has already come to a close, the anime adaptation is set to tell the final tale of the Scout Regiment early next year, letting fans see how Hajime Isayama's series will come to an end in motion thanks to Studio MAPPA. While there haven't been any reports regarding Attack On Titan returning to the world of anime or manga following, though newly added pages to the final chapter leave many believing that the world of the Titans could potentially return in the future.

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