Will Attack on Titan's Creator Publish Another Series Someday?

Attack on Titan has kept readers and watchers busy for more than a decade, but its story will end soon enough. Hajime Isayama closed the manga a year ago, and season four is nearing its end as well. This means all eyes are on Isayama as the creator's vision is nearly finished, but some are already wondering whether the Attack on Titan artist is going to pursue a new series.

The whole question came to light when the French publication VF did an interview with Isayama about the manga and its anime's final season. It was there fans discovered the artist is thinking about a new story.

According to Isayama, he is focusing his attention moving forward on his next work. The artist does not provide any other details about what the project might be, but Isayama has previously stated he wishes to take a break after Attack on Titan is said and done. He's been removed from publishing for some months now as Attack on Titan debuted its final chapter way back in 2021. And now, the creator's work is just about finished on season four as the anime has entered its endgame.

There is no telling whether Isayama's "new work" will be a manga, but fans are certainly hopeful the artist will make a return to manga. Attack on Titan is considered a classic to many readers at this point, and its anime helped rejuvenate the global fandom following a slump of sorts. These days, manga and anime are bigger than ever, so fans want to see Isayama reap the rewards of all his hard work. And if they get a brand-new manga out of it, well – all the better!


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