Attack On Titan Shares Two of Its Most Upsetting Kills Yet

If Attack On Titan is anything, it is shocking and with the finale for the series inching ever closer, the anime franchise created by Hajime Isayama has given us the most disturbing deaths of the series that we may have ever encountered during the history of the manga. With a new Survey Corps having been formed to battle against a new, yet familiar, threat, the fate of the world is hanging in the balance and scores of innocents are being lost in the final battle that is sure to change the war between Marley and Eldia that has been raging for years!

Warning! If you don't want the latest chapter of Attack On Titan's manga spoiled, Chapter 131, as well as the upcoming events of the fourth season of the anime, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article!

Eren Jaeger has gone insane and with the latest installment of the series, has perhaps moved to a place where redemption is entirely impossible. Having traveled back in time with his brother Zeke Jaeger, aka the Beast Titan, Eren has seemingly gone mad with power, acquiring the power of the Founding Titan and gaining control over every Titan in the world. Declaring that he would eliminate anyone that doesn't have Eldian blood running through their veins, Eren unleashes a wall of Titans, referred to as the "Rumbling", that have begun crushing everything in their path.

Attack On Titan Deaths
(Photo: Kodansha)

While Eren's goals are being fought against by the new Survey Corps, it hasn't been until this latest chapter that we've seen just how terrible his mission truly is. Having the ability to see into his own future and past, Eren recalls running into a refugee within Marley, who is being harassed by some of the citizens of the city, causing him to witness the young boy's death at his own "hands". Begging for forgiveness and attempting to explain just why he is following through on his own methods of ending the war, it definitely portrays Eren as leaping over the point of no return.


In a sickening, disturbing display, Eren sees the carnage that he has wrought and the young children that died beneath the feet of his Titans, exclaiming that this is "freedom" and that he is creating a world "outside of the walls" that he had always hoped to see. Needless to say, this will definitely be an interesting scene to see play out in the anime adaptation.

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